Winter Wiper Blades: Are They Different?

It is important to change wiper blades with the seasons. Regular windshield wiper blades are different from wintertime wiper blades for these reasons.
  • Winter blades are made of a more pliable rubber so they do not become stiff and brittle in the cold weather.
  • Winter blades arms are designed so they do not get clogged up with ice.
  • Winter blades are constructed heavier to allow for snow removal.
Winter driving conditions can be more challenging with wet or icy pavement coupled with snowfall and limited visibility. Snow can quickly pile up on the windshield and can become very heavy, very fast. So it’s important to have blades that can handle the snow load.

Having the best vision possible in these conditions will help make travel safer. Priority Honda Huntersville can help with the selection of the best choice of wiper blades for your vehicle for the best visibility in winter driving conditions.
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