How To Handle A Slippery Situation This Winter

There are several different factors that make the winter months some of the hardest for many people, especially drivers. Driving through the winter can be extremely dangerous, the snowy conditions can reduce visibility, and the icy conditions can prove dreadful.

Many people will end up putting their vehicle into an icy or snowy situation that can end up costing a bundle for a tow truck service to pull them out. Keeping a few things in your trunk or truck bed can help, even trucks get stuck in the winter.

Salt, sand and kitty litter can be your best friend in a slick situation this winter. Salt melts ice, it may leave behind some salty water but the slick ice will be dealt with. Using sand can provide a substantial level of traction and with a bit of kitty litter under your tires, you can usually get yourself out and back on the road.

Drive safely this winter and make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the cold, bring it in to Priority Honda Huntersville today.
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