All About Synthetic Oil

These days, there are several types of motor oil to choose from. They include conventional oils, synthetic blends and full synthetic oils. For some people, synthetics seem mysterious and unnatural. But they're actually formulated to help your car perform to its fullest potential. They've been designed by scientists to provide exactly what you need.

Many newer cars actually require full synthetic oil. This can be a shock to some consumers, who are used to conventional oils. Once you make the switch you won't want to go back. Synthetics are more expensive than conventional oils, but they make up for it in performance.

Synthetic blends act as a compromise between conventional and full synthetic oils. Blends offer more protection than conventional oils, especially in poor or extreme driving conditions. They don't optimize performance in the same way full synthetics do. Stop in at Priority Honda Huntersville any time if you have questions about your motor oil.
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