Applying Touch-Up Paint

Taking care of your vehicle and keeping it in tip-top shape requires work, the right supplies and the knowledge of what you’re doing. We at Priority Honda Huntersville want to ensure that you’re providing your car with the very best care and adding to its lifespan.

Touching up the paint on your vehicle is something you can do yourself if it’s a small scratch, but it requires time, care and an attention to detail.

• Thoroughly wash all around the area to be painted.
• Use 220 grit sandpaper to sand around the area.
• Wash it again after sanding.
• Follow directions for spray paint and apply to vehicle.
• Let it dry thoroughly.

If you’re in need of automotive supplies or have a few questions on applying touch-up paint, sanding or detailing, visit our store in Huntersville, NC and speak to our specialists. Bring it to us for all its automotive needs.



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